středa 22. července 2009

Pure and Applied Chemistry now uses automatic links to the IUPAC Gold Book

For a few years now, we have been using an automated system to insert links between different terms defined in the IUPAC Gold Book.
Now, for the first time, we also applied this approach to an external source - the Pure and Applied Chemistry journal. The result is about 10 links on average added to each abstract.
The software we use to do this was recently released (under the BSD license) to the public under the name goldify. It comes in two different flavors - an offline version written in Java and a client side library written in JavaScript. In case of PAC we use the offline version on the server to add links on-the-fly before the page is rendered and sent to the reader. Because the server runs on Django, we use the python client library to talk to the Java server (both are included in the goldify package).
Any comments are welcome.
p.s.- I almost forgot - the goldify library is by no means limited to the Gold Book - you can use it with any dictionary of terms.

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